Bilibili began streaming new promo videos for the Chinese anime series, Fairy King’s Daily Life. The donghua is an adaptation of the novel of the same name published by Kuan Hyun on the Bilibili online Webtoon website.

Not much is known about the series cast and staff. Bilibili dream drawing animation is producing the anime and it is labeled as a BiliBili original series.

At the age of six, he killed the demon king Swallow Sky Clam. As an omnipotent cultivation wizard, Wang Ling had to hide his power and live among a group of ordinary cultivation students. The young people do not care about the money, fairy art, magic weapon, and fame that ordinary people seek. Regardless of the admiration of the wealthy Sun Rong, the sniper killing of Yingliu’s top killer, and the uninterrupted parents’ unstoppability, he could not stop his pursuit of crisp noodles. Either eating crispy noodles, or on the way to the crispy noodles shop. In this way, he and four teammates encountered the challenge of the high school in the game of swordsmanship, and the shadow stream witch leader Jiang Liuying, who had failed in the assassination, did not give up and joined in. Will Wang Ling crush opponents? Or low-key lying down?

Fairy King’s Daily Life anime series will broadcast begins January 18, 2020.