Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed Goku’s Greatest Weakness.

Elec Heata uses Goku and Vegeta’s Weakness to fight the strongest warrior in the universe.


Dragon Ball Super has revealed Goku’s greatest weakness, and you may have known that without even paying any mind to it. Last week Dragon Ball Super released a promo video for the manga series Chapter 71 teasing Heeter’s plan to set the great fight of the series’ Granolah the Survivor Arc ( Seizansha Guranora Hen). Now Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 has revealed how Elec from the Heeters’ base planning to make Goku and Vegeta fight and kill Granolah – by using Goku’s greatest weakness!

Chapter 71 saw Macki and Oil preparing to Jet off to planet earth to get the Saiyans to fight Granolah, however, before that, Elec tells the pair to pay Zuno a visit to get information about the Goku and Vegeta. Macki asks Elec if they only have to ask Zuno where the Saiyans are, Elec says yes, but also tells her they need to find other things.

After the pair Jets off, we see Gas asking Elec how he will get Goku and Vegeta where they want them. Elec simply replies “Everyone has a weak.” Elec goes on to say they will exploit whatever Weakness Goku and Vegta have. The manga takes a few weeks later on Lord Zuno’s planet. Zuno granting Oil and Macki ten question after getting a kiss from Macki as an exchange. However, the chapter skips without revealing which questions the pair asked.

Macki and Oil finally arrive at planet Earth after finding out about Goku and Vegeta Weakness. And to no surprise Goku weakness is none other than Chi-Chi! They pair are seen visiting Goku’s house where they ask Chi-Chi if she can summon her husband. Chi-Chi tells them Goku hasn’t been home for months and reveals that he needs to come back on Earth to look for a job as they’re running out of cash. Macki suddenly tells Chi-Chi that they have a perfect Job for her husband.

The manga later takes us to Beerus’ planet where Goku and Vegeta are being trained by Whis. We see Saiyans when suddenly they receive a call from Bulma. She tells them they have a pair of alien guests who want the Saiyans to fight a Villain. She reveals that Macki and Oil will pay Goku and Vegeta to beat the villain, that when Chi-Chi suddenly shouts at Goku and tells him training won’t put a roof over their heads and he “needs to bring home the bacon now and then!” Goku shocked tells Chi-Chi he will return home right away.

Bulma tells Goku and Vegeta that the person guest wants them to fight his the greatest warrior in the Universe, referring to Granolah. Goku ask Whis if that the guy oracle fish told them about and replies “it may be the case.” Bulma ask Goku and Vegeta if they should send Oil and Macki away, but the Saiyans tells them that they intend to fight the strongest warrior in the universe.

The Granolah the Survivor Arc is the sixth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga. The story takes place after the events of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. The story arc debuted in chapter 67 of the manga after the death of Moro. You can read Dragon Ball Super latest Chapter online [HERE]

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