Dragon Ball Legends To Introduce the Tournament of Power Battle Mode.

Players can create a team based on the season’s trends and face the world’s strongest opponents online.

Dragon Ball Legends has announced the Tournament of Power. A new battle mode based on the Dragon Ball Super anime series arc of the same name. This mode is part of the mobile game’s new Version 3.0.0 update. The RPG game official Twitter account also released an announcement banner featuring Goku and Jiren. You can also see the stage of the Tournament of Power.

The Tournament of Power is a completely automatic battle mode. Players can create a team based on the season’s trends and face the world’s strongest opponents online.

Dragon Ball Legends v3.0.0 update will arrive with new patches.

  • The amount of Equipment you can sell at once will increase from 20 to 50 and a new feature will let you auto-select Equipment to sell! Plus, you will be able to discard Job Requests!
  • Strategizing in PvP will soon be easier thanks to the battle loading screen showing you the character selections of both players! Plus, the new “Haste” feature will let you shorten the time required in Adventures and Training!
  • The animation that occurs when you use multiple Skip Tickets at once is being adjusted so that you can check your results faster than before! Plus, we’re also adding an option to skip ZENKAI AWAKENING Summon animations!

The mobile game recently announced the return of Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta and Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku. The game also added ZENKAI AWAKENING – Super #17 and SPARKING Super Scout Battle.

  • LEGENDS LIMITED “Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta” and “Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku” are back! Five LEGENDS LIMITED characters are featured in this deluxe Step-Up Summon! Plus, Step 4 is free to play.
  • [“ZENKAI AWAKENING – Super #17 -” Is Live!] This Summon drops Awakening Z Power for “Super #17 (DBL16-13S)”! Plus, unlock and clear the limited-time “ZENKAI Awakening Booster” Missions to get more Z Power & Awakening Z Power for him and other useful items. Unlock all his Uniques to apply effects as he stays in battle, like restoring Ki & boosting the enemy’s DMG taken! He can heal, buff infl. DMG and lower Blast Arts cost after being hit too! Strike back with Super #17!
  • [SPARKING Super Scout Battle Part 1 Is Live!] Choose from 3 stages 3 times a day and get Z Power for SPARKING characters! Part 1 features the stages “Future”, “Dragon Ball Saga”, and “Sagas from the Movies”! Play daily to get powerful SPARKING characters!

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