Detective Conan new special will be a crossover featuring Kamen Rider and Kaiju. The new four-part special titled Detective Conan: Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba will air January 4th, 2020. In addition, a teaser visual illustrator by Case Closed manga creator, Gosho Aoyama, was also unveiled.

The new special is a sequel to Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter released in 2017. After the bombing case at Nichiuri TV in autumn, Conan returns to the newly renovated building to watch an advanced screening of  “Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba” with Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama when a murder immediately occur. The characters portraying in the movie are parodies of both Godzilla and Kamen Rider.

Detective Conan (Meitantei Konan), is an ongoing manga series by Gosho Aoyama. The manga began serialization in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen in January 1994. Detective Conan has been collected into 93 tankōbon volumes. Since it’s publication, the manga has spawned an ongoing anime series and a yearly anime film series. In August 2017, the manga series became the first Weekly Shonen Sunday series to publish its 1,000th chapter.

The The story follows an amateur detective who was transformed into a child while investigating a mysterious organization, and solves a multitude of cases while impersonating his friend’s father and other characters.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.