Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet New Key Visual Released.

Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet anime film will be released on August 14. It will be 25 minutes long.

The Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet franchise has updated its website with a new key visual for Dead or Bullet, the first part of the compilation anime film by Geek Toys. The first part Dead or Bullet will premiere on August 14, 2020, and the second part Nightmare or Queen is set to premiere on November 13, 2020.

Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet, the film adaptation of the Date A Live spinoff light series “Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet,” is listed with a length of 25 minutes. The anime movie will be directed by Jun Nakagawa, with Yuichiro Higashide writing the script, and Naoto Nakamura designing the characters The anime project was first announced as an anime adaptation of the spin-off series but was later revealed to be a theatrical film. The series will be a prequel to the novels.

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Hibiki Higoromo, better known as, Empty, is an amnesiac young girl. She wakes up in the neighboring world, where she encounters Tokisaki Kurumi. In order to kill the mysterious girl, Kurumi leads Empty to a school. When arriving at the school, a number of girls, known as quasi-spirits, gather together. Now then, a new battle begins.

Yuichiro Higashide launched the ongoing series on March 18, 2017, in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko under Kōshi Tachibana’s supervision. The light novel is illustrated by NOCO.


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