Cixin Liu’s Ball Lightning novel is getting a live-action film adaptation. So far there’s no details about the movie expected the fact that it will be written by Zhang Xiaobei and Liu Cixin and it is schedule for release in 2020. The film poster was also unveiled.

Cixin published Ball Lightning  science fiction novel original Chinese version in 2004. The English version was published in 2018, translated by Joel Martinsen. Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem, earned science fiction’s highest honor: the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2015. The novel was also New York Times bestselling author.

When Chen’s parents are incinerated before his eyes by a blast of ball lightning, he devotes his life to cracking the secret of this mysterious natural phenomenon. His search takes him to stormy mountaintops, an experimental military weapons lab, and an old Soviet science station.

The more he learns, the more he comes to realize that ball lightning is just the tip of an entirely new frontier. While Chen’s quest for answers gives purpose to his lonely life, it also pits him against soldiers and scientists with motives of their own: a beautiful army major with an obsession with dangerous weaponry, and a physicist who has no place for ethical considerations in his single-minded pursuit of knowledge.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.