Mortal Kombat 11 Unveil Kombat League Online Competitive Mode.

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Trailer and Release Date Revealed.

FIFA 20 Teaser Trailer Reveals Game Release Date.

Dragon Quest Your Story: Kōtarō Yoshida Voice Anime Film Main Villain.

Kick-Flight Game gets anime trailer from One Piece Film and Zombie Land Saga director.

Bandai Namco unveil Jumanji: The Video Game.

Activision Announces New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare With Surprise Trailer.

Death Stranding First Trailer Revealed.

Pokemon Sleep Announce for 2020.

Pokémon Announces Pokémon Home, New Cloud Service For Their Games.

Pokemon Company announces new game Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Coming To the Nintendo Switch.

John Wick Creator to pen Just Cause live-action movie.

Sony Launch PlayStation Production To Develop Films and Series Based on their Video games.

Fist of the North Star Getting New Game.

New Perfect Dark Game Rumored To Be in Development.

Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Anniversary Event Date.

Dreams Creator Making New Dexter Laboratory Game.

Magia Record Game unveils new Magical Girl.

Microsoft Unveils Minecraft Earth AR game.

Final Fantasy VII remake Gameplay Footage Revealed.

Next Call of Duty Game Might Be Another Morden Warefare.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Game Coming this October.

John Wick Game a Release Promo Video.

Kill la Kill IF game Story Mission Trailer.

Microsoft Announce New Minecraft Mobile App Game.

‪Girls’ Frontline‬ Short Anime to air in July.

Overwatch finally working on that live-action movie?

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition To Release Chun-Li Inspired Sneakers.

New Call of Duty game to be unveiled in time for E3.

Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Unveils New Magical Girl CM Video.

New Earthworm Jim Game In Development.

Super Mario Maker 2 New Elements and Themes Revealed.


New Sonic the Hedgehog Game Being Made.

Shiro Amona To Write Kingdom Heart III Manga.