Blue beetle: Warner Bros.’ to Release the DC movie on HBO Max

Angel Manuel Soto’s Blue Beetle Movie will be an HBO Max mid-budget DC movie.

Warner Bros announced early this year that the company hired Angel Manuel Soto to direct a Blue Beetle movie. Now WarnerMedia’s movie strategy has revealed that the movie will be an HBO Max exclusive. Blue Beetle is not the only DC movie that will be released on the streaming service. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Batgirl will also be released exclusively on the platform.

The report published by the website also revealed that “Batgirl” and “Blue Beetle” will be mid-budget movies. Both movies will likely be produced by Warner Max, a mini-label that will produce films for the streaming service.

The film will center around Jaime Reyes. He became the 3rd Blue Beetle after he discovered the original Blue Beetle scarab. Reyes is also a member of the Teen Titans. He was reintroduced in the “New 52” reboot as the primary Blue Beetle. The previous two versions, Dan Garrett and Ted Kord, were later restored in the “DC Rebirth” continuation.

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