Blades Of The Guardians manhua gets an animation series adaptation.

The King’s Avatar Season 2’s Colored-Pencil Animation will be the studio behind the Blades of the Guardians series.

Author Xu Xian Zhe’s Blades Of The Guardians manhua will be receiving a donghua adaptation. The announcement by Tencent Pictures who are producing the series. Colored-Pencil Animation, the studio behind The King’s Avatar Season 2, is animating the series, which will take place at the end of the Sui Dynasty. (581–618) there was a great deal of instability across the land.

Additionally, Tencent Video has posted a promotional video on their YouTube. The Blades Of The Guardians series has no release date yet, but we know it will start airing in this year.

biao ren 16062 Blades Of The Guardians manhua gets an animation series adaptation.

“Escorts” are warriors paid to take out the targets wanted by the government. Dao Ma is one traveling warrior trying to repay the debt he owes to a man named Mo, who took care of Dao Ma and his child, Xiao Qi. But on the way back to Mo’s town, they encounter a victim of the “rakshasa”—man-eating demons. Between the rise of rakshasa victims, bloodshed, slavery, and ruthless warriors, Dao Ma becomes caught up in the terror sweeping through the country during the last years of the Sui dynasty.

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