Beast Wars: Transformers Movie in development with new Bumblebee Universe movie.

According to reports, Paramount Pictures is developing two new Transformer movies with James Vanderbilt and Joby Harold. Vanderbilt will write scripts for the Transformer movie based on the Beast Wars: Transformers animated series. Meanwhile, Harold writing scripts for a movie based in the Bumblebee universe.

Beast Wars: Transformers (Beasties: Transformers) debuted in 1996 and ended on March 7, 1999. The series served as the flagship of the Transformers: Beast Wars franchise. The series featured the Maximals and Predacons, descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons respectively, and was set in the future of the “original” Transformers continuity; however, it was eventually revealed that they had traveled back in time before the series began and were actually on a prehistoric Earth some time in between when Optimus Prime and Megatron first crash-landed on Earth and the time when they awoke. Beast Wars was set up as a sequel to the first Transformers series.

Bumblebee, the sixth installment in the Transformers series was released in 2018. The film was the lowest-grossing installment of the franchise with $468M worldwide.

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