Batwoman: Bruce Wayne debuts With Major Twist.

Batwoman has finally revealed the series’ Bruce Wayne. After mentioning the billionaire disappearance throughout the series and actually being the main reason why Kate Kane became a vigilante, last night finale saw actor Warren Christie debut as Bruce Wayne. However, the billionaire return to Gotham City had a major twist.

Batwoman: Bruce Wayne debuts With Major Twist.

The Batwoman season 1 titled “O, Mouse!”, saw Alice disguised Tommy “Hush” Elliot as their cousin Bruce in order to steal Kate Kane’s shard of Kryptonite given to her by Supergirl during “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. The Kryptonite is the only element on Earth capable of pierce Kate’s Batsuit.

Batwoman and the rest of the Arrowverse won’t be returning for a new season until 2021. The Arrowverse series had to prematurely end their running season due to the coronavirus outbreak. Bruce Wayne lookalike will fully debut in the show when Batwoman returns next year.

Maybe we might finally get a Batman television series.