Basilisk Anime Sequel New Poster And Release Date Revealed.

The official website for the anime television series adaptation of Masaki Yamada’s Ōka Ninpōchō Basilisk Shinshō (Ōka Ninja Scrolls Basilisk New Chapter) revealed on Friday a new poster. The website also announced that the anime will premiere in January, 2018.

Basilisk: Ōka Ninpōchō is being produced by Seven Arcs Pictures, and will be directed by Junji Nishimura (ViVid Strike!, Bakuon!!, GLASSLIP). Takao Maki (Laughing Under the Clouds) is the character designer, and Shinsuke Onishi (New Getter Robo, Innocent Venus, 009-1) will compose the series. Onmyouza and Nana Mizuki returning to perform the opening and ending theme songs.

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Masaki Segawa launched Basilisk in 2003 in Kodansha’s Young Magazine Uppers magazine. Segawa’s manga is based on the novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yamada published in 1958. The manga inspired a television anime adaptation in 2005 produced by Gonzo Studios. The novel also inspired a live-action film in 2005 titled SHINOBI – Heart Under Blade.

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