Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 137 Redeems an Unlikely Character.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #137 of Attack on Titan manga and spoilers for the anime series final season.

Attack on Titan manga series keeps getting overwhelming now that the series finally reaching its conclusion. The chapter latest saw the survey corps find an unlikely ally in their desperate attempt to stop Eren and Ymir from using the Founding Titan power to destroy the world. The last two chapters of the manga series saw Eren or Ymir reviving previous holders of the titans’ power to prevent Armin, Mikasa, Conny, Levi, and the rest of their comrades from stopping them to use the Rumbling Titan power to destroy the rest of the world.

In chapter 136 we saw Armin being swallowed by a resurrected titan after he attempted to use the power of his Colossal Titan to destroy the Rumbling Titan. Cornered and on the brink of death after a desperate attempt to retrieve Armin from the titan, some of the previous titan holders suddenly begins to protect the friends. To their surprise, Armin emerges from the mouth. While fighting for their lives and still trying to figure out what is happening, Zeke jaeger emerges as an extension of the Rumbling Titan greeting everyone. To everyone’s surprise, Armin reveals that Zeke is the one using the Titans to stop Ymir and Eren from attacking them.

Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 137 Zeke Emerging.

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How did all this happen you ask? Well, after being swallowed by the titan Armin found himself in the Coordinate Space where he met drained Zeke. After managing to bring Zeke back to his sense, the pair had a heart-to-heart talk about their views on life and why Ymir and Eren seem to comprehend each other. While discussing the existence of life, Armin gives his last supplication and asks Zeke to help them save the world from the Rumbling. The pair manage to free themselves out of the Coordinate Space along with some of the past Titan inheritors they knew in life, however, Zeke’s freedom is short-lived as Levi immediately decapitates the Beast Titan holder. Keeping the promise he made to Zeke after he left him to die in the forest.

Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 137: Zeke Death

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The manga creator, Hajime Isayama, recently revealed that the series will reach its conclusion this April. The Attack on Titan’s next chapter will be released on March 9th.

Hajime Isayama first published the Attack on Titan manga at Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine on September 9, 2009. The manga has spawned a spin-off light novel series “Before the Fall” which began in December 2011 and has received a manga adaptation. Two additional light novel series and four additional spin-off manga series have also been created, and video games.

Attack on Titan: The final season began airing on December 7, 2020. The anime is the last season of the series.


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