Director reveals Ant-Man 3 story already in place.

Finally, some Ant-Man news. According to reports, Marvel Studios targeting a 2022 release for 3rd installment of the franchise. Ant-Man 3 will see director Peyton Reed is returning to helm film. Rick & Morty’s Jeff Loveness is penning the film.

Yahoo Entertainment interviewed director Peyton Reed and stated  “It’s currently planned for a 2022 release.” This means filming on the new Ant-Man movie could start sometime in 2021 for it to hit theaters in 2022. Reed also revealed that The Wasp will still play a pivotal role in the movie.

They’re a partnership, and she’s a very, very important part of that,” Reed explains. “And that was a very gratifying thing, I guess technically we were the first Marvel movie with a female hero in the title of the movie. Finding that balance in that movie, that’s very important to me because that’s very much a men’s playing field, historically. But that’s really, really changing now in a great way.

 2022 will be a really busy year for Marvel Studios. Thor: Love and Thunder is slated for February 2022. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was moved to March 2022. Black Panther 2 May 2022. Captain Marvel 2 in July 2022. An untitled movie still has an October 7, 2022 release date.