Act-Age manga might just be the next series to receive a TV anime show. The 25th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced on Monday that the magazine’s 26th issue will have an “important project announcement” regarding the series. The issue will be released on June 1 and will feature the Act-Age series color page. The Weekly Shonen Jump also revealed that Tatsuya Matsuki and Shiro Usazaki’s manga will “enter a new development” in the new issue.

Act-Age anime

The story focuses on Kei Yonagi, a high school girl who strives to become an actress. She lives with her two younger siblings, after their father left them and their mother died. Kei has an extreme talent for method acting, to the point where she loses track of reality while acting. At an audition, some speculate that acting of this intensity could be self-destructive, and cite that as a reason for not accepting her. However, Kei catches the eye of the highly acclaimed director Sumiji Kuroyama, who steps forward with the intent of bringing out her full potential.

Matsuki and Usazaki debuted Act-Age in Weekly Shōnen Jump on January 22, 2018. In April 2020, volume 11 was delayed to two weeks due to COVID-19 concerns. The series was ranked #6 in AnimeJapan’s “Most Wanted Anime Adaptation”.

Act-Age Manga Characters:

  • Kei Yonagi: A gorgeous high school girl who finds herself raising her younger siblings, Rui and Rei, on her own, after their father left them and their mother died. She has an innate talent for method acting, in which she uses memories from her own past to fully get into the role. However, her approach is extremely immersive, to the point where she gets lost in the role and becomes unable to distinguish fiction and reality
  • Sumiji Kuroyama: He is a director and the founder of Studio Daikokuten. He is famous overseas for his awards in various film festivals, but he is not as well known in Japan.
  • Yuki Hiiragi: She is an assistant director and filmmaker at Studio Daikokuten who works with Kuroyama. She is also a production manager and a talent manager for the studio.
  • Chiyoko Momoshiro: Nicknamed “the Angel”, she is a famous actor from the Stars Agency.
  • Arisa Hoshi: She is the founder and CEO of the Stars Agency.
  • Akira Hoshi: He is an actor from the Stars Agency and the son of Arisa Hoshi.

Act-Age fans will lose it if the manga is finally getting an anime series adaptation.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.