Star Wars Legends: Admiral Thrawn To Make Live-Action Debut In New Project.

Admiral Thrawn is reportedly the next Star Wars animated series and comic book character to make a Live-Action debut.  Daniel Richtman, the man known for releasing some reliable scoops in the past, has said that a live-action version of Admiral Thrawn will be making his way to our screen soon. Richtman didn’t reveal if the character will be appearing in Star Wars film or series. However, we will already know that an Ezra Bridger and Ahsoka Tano Star Wars series is in the works for Disney+, it will be safe to assume that Thrawn will be making his debut in a series as well.

 An Imperial military commander and the most brilliant of the Emperor’s minions, Thrawn was created by Timothy Zahn. The character made his debut in Heir to the Empire novel released in 1991. Thrawn, full name Mitth’raw’nuruodo, is a member of the alien Chiss species and the grand admiral in the Imperial Navy. He also appeared in the third season of Star Wars Rebels, voiced by Lars Mikkelsen He’s one of the major characters in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, also known as Star Wars Legends.

Admiral Thrawn live-action series

Zahn said in 2017: Most of the Imperial leaders we see in the movies rule through a combination of fear and manipulation. I wanted to create something different: a commander who could lead through loyalty. The result was Thrawn, a tactical genius whose troops follow him willingly, and who will fight for him whether or not he’s watching over their shoulders.

Thrawn is voiced by Tris King in Star Wars: TIE Fighter video game published in 1994, and by Tim Russell in the audio drama Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire released in 1997. Admiral Thrawn is the main character of Star Wars: Thrawn trilogy, Thrawn: Alliances trilogy, and Treason trilogy. He received another trilogy book called Thrawn Ascendancy, which was launched in May 2020 with Book I: Chaos Rising.


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