Catwoman new costume draws it inspiration from her Batman animated series suit and the birman cat.

Selina Kyle will be getting a new costume this December. Artist Clay Mann revealed on Monday that Selina will don a new Catwoman suite when Batman/Catwoman issue number one hits shelves this December. Mann shared a sketch of the costume which reveals that the suit will be inspired by Catwoman’s costume from Batman: The Animated Series and Birman cat.

“Love it or hate it. Bat Cat Skull Batman & Catwoman #1 Right pointing backhand index December,” he tweeted.

Mann’s sketch shows the difference between Selina’s past and present costume with its utilities. The new costume uses a gray color scheme like the one in the Batman animated series but features one blade on her gloves and boots like the ones in Batman’s glove. The suit also has a side belt pouches with goggles over her eyes. The color suit is similar to the Birman cat who has darker coloring to the points, face, legs, ears, and tail, and a pale toning body color.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.